Favourites of the last few months

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well. I’m finally back on the blog! I have submitted my BA dissertation and hope new posts will be appearing here more often 🙂 Please follow me on Bloglovin if you don’t do yet (link on the top of the page.)

I thought I’ll come back with a favourites post. When preparing it I quickly amassed a lot of products, so then I decided to pair it down and leave some products for their individual reviews. Most of the below stuff is pretty unique. Of course, favourites from the past are still holding their status. You can check them out HERE and HERE 🙂

First to go is this Yoga & Sports Body Oil from Terre Verdi. It contains black pepper, eucalyptus, and ginger oils that are very warming. It’s fantastic to use on the second day after an intense workout to ease muscle soreness. Good for massage as well.


Next, we have Therapie Restore Aura Spray. It was developed by world renowned aromatherapist Michelle Roques O’Neil and it’s an aromatherapeutic infusion of essential oils, crystals & Reiki. It’s meant to cleanse & rebuild your aura. As you can imagine it smells divine. I also love the fact that the pump is just great and you get a perfect mist. I use it during the day, but also in my skincare routine sometimes. It’s hydrating and refreshing. It also comes in a travel size that would be fantastic for traveling.


Time for some makeup! Vegan Cosmetics Quest was a great discovery of mine at Professional Beauty show in February. The very next day after meeting Becky I placed the order. The eyeshadows are just gorgeous! I also got the blush. All are handmade, talc free, very pigmented and obviously vegan. The formula of the blush could still be improved, especially in terms of esthetics of the final piece, but the eyeshadows are so pretty and performing just as well as any others that I own, so I will be definitely getting more of them. The minimal imperfections on them just look cute to me and remind of the fact they are handmade. It also feels great to support a new and small brand.

_DSF0702 _DSF0703

Now a small bottle of shampoo from Aubrey Organics. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about their haircare and I wasn’t disappointed! It is a clarifying version for oily skin and I was impressed how well it worked without the SLS. It didn’t irritate my scalp either. I will definitely be buying the full size once I’m finished with other products.


The next favourite is a balm from True Organics of Sweden called All You Need Is Me. It doesn’t beat my beloved MOA balm, because that has some antibacterial etc. benefits, but it’s a close second. I love that unlike most balms it comes in a tube which is very handy and this tube is made from eco-material: sugarcane. The balm contains Castor Oil, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E and Blueberry seed Oil. As other balms, it has a multitude of possible uses. I used it on my lips, as a cleansing balm, a treatment for the hair and for my hands at night. My husband, who has dry skin, was also using it on his face at night in autumn and winter.


Lastly some health favourites. You all probably heard of birch water. Coming from Poland, I always knew it (as a “birch juice” btw.) Still, I wanted to include it, especially that the summer is coming and it’s so important to keep hydrated. Birch water just tastes so great! I’d say that any brand is equally good in my opinion, but the one in the pictures just wins it with the cute packaging 🙂


The liquid multivitamin from Floradix called Epresat contains some great stuff and also tastes really good, so I would recommend it, especially if you don’t like pills or capsules too much. It’s a nice alternative.


That’s it for today. Follow me on Instagram to see more product recommendations, skincare routines and what I’m up to 🙂

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