Organic September events

A little recap on what I’ve been up to this month 🙂

Gorgeously Green Gathering

I was so looking forward to this after reading/seeing last year’s event! And I wasn’t disappointed. Wonderful Jen and Sarah have put together a great event.


Probably the best thing was seeing/meeting this lot of bloggers 😀 (with only the organizers out of frame, sorry!). I don’t usually have opportunities to chat beauty and wellness to anyone in normal life, so it’s been fantastic to have plenty of time to do that. But of course, listening to the brand founders talking about their journeys and products was also enjoyable. Terre Verdi, Evolve, Mallow&White, Beeutiful are all fantastic companies and I’d urge you to check out their creations.

img_20160911_104737.jpg  img_20160911_160331.jpg

I think the best feature of this event was how long it lasted. Not mere 3 hours, but actually from 10 to 17! It gave us opportunity to really get to know the brands and products, catch up with each other and not feel rushed. We also got a little goodie bag and I’ve been happily playing with some products since, so you can expect reviews in future 🙂

img_20160911_221709.jpg  img_20160912_081210.jpg

Clean Cult in conversation at NYR

20160922_173431.jpgA little later that month was an evening event organised by girls from Clean Cult. It coincided with the Organic Beauty Week and was basically a conversation on all things organic and green led by Nicola Nolan who was representing Soil Association. It was lovely to see girls from Call it Vanity and Clean Beauty Co. again (who founded Clean Cult) and I also had a chance to meet other bloggers. Of course, a cheeky purchase has been made to add to the little goodie bag we got 😉20160922_182853.jpg  20160922_181612.jpg


Camexpo is the UK’s leading professional complementary, natural & integrative health event. It was my first time attending it last weekend. It had a strong seminar program, but I only had the time to visit the show floor and was a bit surprised by how small it was. My phone was dead so I have no photos :(. Nevertheless, it was still interesting, although I’d prefer to see more brands’ stalls and less of institutions/organizations. There were only a few beauty brands, among them the usual big ones like Green People and Weleda. But I did discover two that are new to UK and have quite exciting stories – Bottega Organica and Sinthesis Salud. There were many supplements there as well, and that’s also of interest to me. I was particularly happy to see my favorites – Terranova and Wild Nutrition. If you live in London it may be worth visiting next year, but I wouldn’t bother traveling from afar.

Did you attend any of these or other events? Or made some cheeky purchases during Organic Beauty Week? 🙂

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