REVIEW: Primavera skincare

_DZL2294  _DZL2291

I got these two travel sets from Lucy Rose who doesn’t seem to be stocking this brand anymore, but you can still find these products elsewhere, for example on the popular European site Ecco Verde. I totally love trialing new brands through such mini sets. One had the products from balancing line, based on sage and grape seed and the other from calming line, based on chamomile and borage. These products were cleansers and toners (all 28ml) and face creams (8ml tubes). On the above photos the cleansers and toners are almost gone. For some reason I lost the photos of the creams :/

_DZL2296  _DZL2295

I was postponing writing the review of these because I knew it won’t be an easy one. If you fall in love with the product it’s obviously easy. If you hate it – too. But these? Perfectly good products that just didn’t wow me. I have to say they were heavily let down by the packaging. The cleansers and toners I mean. The pumps of the cleansers were the worst I’ve ever come across – shooting 360 degrees around… And the sprays of the toners were spitting big drops… I don’t know if the full sizes have the same issue. Maybe not. Maybe it was just this batch…

If we move on to the products themselves – though they did not wow me, I have to say they performed ok and didn’t irritate my skin or anything. The cream/milk cleanser and the gel one worked really well as morning cleansers or second in the evening. The toners were refreshing and hydrating. Creams weren’t too thick and moisturized nicely. I think it’s just that there’s so much out there, and I have such a big stash, and try out so many products, that I need a bit more to be impressed and satisfied – if it’s not the immediate results (that’s hard and rare), be it the story behind the brand and innovative ingredients, or the smell, or the texture/consistency, or fancy (and functional) packaging. I had none of that here. And looking at the prices of full sizes (i.e. 16.69£ for 100ml of Balancing Toner) I’m not sure they are worth it. But you may wish to try them if you want to go back to basics and use decent products with well-known, organic ingredients from a brand with great ethics.




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