Fitness Files – Introduction

wp-1471976829770.jpeg   So I wanted some kind of a starter post on the series that I’m planning, and in it I planned in my head a detailed explanation of my current state. You know – what lead to it, how it’s not entirely my fault etc. But decided to scrap it. In the end – who cares? We all have different stories and health issues. The most important thing is that now I’m doing something for my health in terms of physical activities (that are more than just walking). And if you’re interested in the topic, or maybe just think about trying new things, this series will hopefully be interesting.

I decided to try a variety of different activities/classes available in London and will review them for you. As I’ve been doing it for few weeks now (gradually increasing the frequency from 1 to 5 times a week) I already know that I’ll be sticking to some things – mainly barre, yoga and gym (weights + cardio). So these are the ones I’ve done a few times now, but some others were/are one time thing. I’m going to tell you how it is to join these classes as a complete newbie, an unfit, overweight newbie that hasn’t got much idea what to expect.

I can already give you some tips for saving money, if you’d like to try some new things as well. I had to be creative in order not to go bankrupt 😉 First is to go to websites of fitness clubs/gyms etc. and check for free taster class/free one day pass etc. That’s pretty common. Another great way is through an app I discovered a few months ago – Earthmiles. You are basically rewarded for walking/running/cycling and can use the points on various rewards – they can be discounts at online stores, but also free classes. If you join make sure to use my referral code: LUCKMX8R 🙂 Another website (and app) worth checking out is MoveGB. I discovered it through Earthmiles, were you can have 3 week trial membership. But even without Earthmiles you can sign up for a trial membership (7 or 10 days if you use this link: MoveGB lets you use gyms and other facilities that are its partners. It’s really handy for trying out new stuff or if you just like variety and flexibility of time and place. Lastly, it may be a good idea to sign up for newsletters of places you’re most interested in. They may occasionally have free community classes, or open days (like this weekend at Fit4Less) that they announce only in newsletters. When writing about different activities and places I will let you know which option I used.

Hope you will find it useful, inspiring or entertaining 🙂


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