Green weekend in London (Olympia Shows + Clean Cult)

I had been looking forward to last weekend for months! There was the Love Natural Love You  show at Olympia together with Just V and Allergy and Free From going on from Friday to Sunday. And then, on Sunday, the highly anticipated Clean Cult London.

20160713_144630.png  20160713_144238.png

It was my third time at the shows this year and I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed this time. Let me explain to you why and take the negativities out of the way and move to a positive side. My comments will relate to the beauty show mainly, the Love Natural Love You as it was called this year. First of all, the brand selection was poor. I think there should really be more of the known and established brands for people to discover their products etc. Of such brands, there were only NYR, Little Ondine, Kinetic brands, Weleda, Green People and Nourish (at Totally Organic stand). I’d really like to see more. The rest were small/upcoming/indie/kitchen brands (which have their place too, I’d just like to see different proportions). Also – there were none or very insignificant discounts (when you buy 3) at all the brands that I’ve checked. Pretty disappointing. Moreover, and that’s the worst, there were brands that totally have no place at the show in my opinion. These are the MLM brands and also real green-washing ones. After NOPE at Excel I posted on my Instagram a photo of the ingredients of a sample that I’d received from one of the brands there. Needless to say – they were terrible. So imagine my shock when I saw the same brand at Olympia… Another thing is the unbearable crowds on Saturday and Sunday. I know the crowds are normal at such shows, but this was extreme and I think that maybe the show should be simply moved to another venue? I didn’t take any photos on Saturday partly because of that and partly because I was pretty uninspired… And on Friday my phone was dead…

I still found 3 or 4 interesting brands that may have their appearance on the blog in the future. I was also happy to see Riverford stand and after a nice chat with the guy there I decided to finally bite the bullet and subscribe. And I got this lovely bundle to take home:


The great advantage of the show are all the talks and this year the programme was very diverse and interesting. There was also the awards ceremony for the Free From Skincare Awards. It’s a great initiative and I was very curious to see who wins! You can see the list of the winners HERE. Just a bit of a shame that most of those brands didn’t exhibit their products. Good that the organizer – Skinsmatter – had a stall and showcased some of them.

The best part for me was certainly the food and that’s where I’ve spent all my money 😉 It’s a great opportunity to try all different products, especially vegan and gluten-free, and various drinks too! I know what to look out for the next time I’m shopping for groceries. (No photo of my haul as part of it has been eaten immediately and the rest put in their places in the kitchen)

So would I recommend going next year? Yes, if it’s not only beauty but also food that’s of interest to you. You will probably also find some cool talks and demonstrations. It’s a nice opportunity to discover new products and possibly also meet new people. But try to go on a Friday.


On Sunday I went for the first Clean Cult London event organized by the lovely girls behind Call It Vanity and Clean Beauty Co.. There were some awesome brands showing their products and it was also an opportunity to see other girls crazy for green beauty. Some of them I’ve met already, some for the first time and that’s always exciting. The venue – Ethos – at Spitalfields Market was really picturesque. And there were some delicious, healthy nibbles too 😀


img_20160710_195752.jpg  img_20160710_143015.jpg

The brands exhibiting were: Skin&Tonic, Supernatural Beauty, Isla Apothecary, The Natural Deodorant Co., Bodhi&Birch, Tabitha James Kraan, Evolve, Amly and there were also mini make-overs by Jane Iredale and mani by Kure Bazaar. We could buy products at the show and some of the brands offered really nice discounts or GWP. We were also given a goodie bag filled with samples, which was very nice (tough not as impressive as the Glow Getter Gathering one). The opportunity to play with the products was cool, but meeting the founders was even better. It’s always fascinating to talk to the creators and discover more about the brand.

img_20160711_101043.jpg  img_20160710_131919.jpg  img_20160710_232136.jpg

img_20160710_151651.jpg  img_20160710_172737.jpg  img_20160710_121113.jpg

I really had an amazing time and look forward to another event organized by these girls!

Have you attended? Let me know your thoughts 🙂 And if you haven’t – do you plan to, next time round?



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