So what’s the Libbie Club?

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen me mentioning the Libbie Cub and the fabulous products you can buy there. I joined in March and since then have discovered quite a few great products.

20160706_140923.png   20160706_141125.png

What is it exactly? A “club” of beauty bloggers and other beauty fanatics that get to test a few products each month and review them on the site. As a member, I can then share my thoughts and recommendations with you, as well as some cool offers. What’s awesome is that there are so many clean and green brands on board! I’m also happy to test some hyped about products (Tarte mascara), new releases (James Read tan mist) and a bit weird/funny stuff (Chin Up mask).

20160706_141803.png        20160706_141502.png

I’m very happy about new discoveries, as well as being part of a community of like-minded  people.

Below is the most recent box. I’m crazy excited for the coffee scrub! If you’d like to try it for yourself visit the boutique, where you can see this and other products 🙂



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