My Skincare Routine and Reviews of Products Used (lengthy post for skincare junkies ;))

So here comes the long overdue post on my skincare routine 🙂

It’s heavily Caroline Hirons – inspired. I highly recommend her blog. I think I’ll write a separate post on her and my other beauty influences soon.

I’m 30, my skin is combination, blemish prone, with occasional flares up of dermatitis…. Now let’s jump straight into it 🙂



I usually use cleansing melt or milk. I like it to be gentle, so my skin doesn’t compensate and overproduce sebum during the day. I massage it onto my dry skin, wash my teeth, and then wash off. The Evolve one is one of my favourites. I prefer it to the Oskia one. They have since changed the packaging and the formula, but I believe it’s equally good if not better.

Then I follow with a gentle, moisturizing toner. Rosewater is great for that as well. Brand is irrelevant as long as it’s a true hydrosol (and not a mix of water, glycerin, perfume etc…)

When the skin is still slightly damp I put on the serum. This NUDE one is really nice and hydrating. I love that it has the probiotics and think it helps my skin to keep balance.

I then go with an eye cream and face moisturizer. For the last few months, I’ve been testing this one from the Polish eco-brand Sylveco*. It’s quite light and sinks in quickly. Moisturizes and sits well under makeup. It doesn’t promise you anything extra, but if you are in your 20s or 30s and you just need something basic and affordable, that’s a great choice.

The face cream is the “light birch cream” from the same brand*. I need to point out here how I love the packaging on these, both, the design, and how perfectly the pumps work. The cream is also nice and light (they have a bit heavier versions in the jars as well). It sinks in beautifully, hydrates, and is a perfect base for makeup. I have also tried samples of its two siblings – one is with added calendula, the other with sea buckthorn. Both were very nice and in future, when I’m in need of a new face cream, I will purchase one of them. Sylveco and other natural/organic brands from Poland and Eastern Europe are available in the UK online at  The Natural Skincare shop.



I love removing my makeup with an oil. The Acorelle one pictured above is ok, but it’s not my favorite. My favourite is the VIT C one by Una Brennan. It’s very inexpensive and emulsifies nicely, as DHC or Dermalogica equivalents. I wash it off and follow with a cleanser. Sometimes I use a cleansing balm which I also enjoy. I think the only downside is that it takes slightly more time.

I use a second cleanser to really clean the skin. I think double cleansing has made a truly great impact on my complexion. It can be a gentle cleansing gel (without SLS), but my firm favourite for a year now has been the Pure Chimp Super Cleanser. Its texture is really unusual. It’s quite solid and you need to scoop out a bit and add a little water to make a paste. It works brilliantly and is ever so slightly exfoliating.

Then it’s time for acid-toning. There are many products on the market now containing AHAs or BHAs. It can also be in your cleansers or serums, but I prefer the toners. Or the pads, like these from Nip+Fab. They are quick and easy to use and gentle as well. If you’ve never used such products, you will see a significant, positive change in your skin very fast. This mild exfoliation on an everyday basis helps keep skin bright,  in balance and blemishes at bay.

I like to use some hydrating spray afterwards. It can be some hydrosol again, or any other moisturizing water or toner in a spray bottle. In the past, I used Caudalie Grape Water which is awesome, but sadly Caudalie is not cruelty-free. I fell in love with this Aura Spray from Therapie and it works well too (and smells heavenly). Thermal water is also perfect and the best one (and cruelty-free!) is Uriage.

In winter, in particular, I go full on with serum, oil and moisturizer, although in summer it may be different. It depends on the products that I use and their consistencies, as well as how my skin is feeling. So it can also be serum+cream, oil+cream, serum+oil, serum+balm etc.

In the last few months, I’ve been using this Hosanna serum from Antipodes. I’ve finished it just recently, probably because I often used it in the mornings too. It is really light and hydrating and I just love it!

Most of the nights I also use an eye serum. This one was from Sophyto and I really liked it (as well as the face serum and oil), but the company has withdrawn from the UK, sadly. Now I’m starting with Dr. Organic and will definitely update you further down the line.

I then go with a facial oil. I’m so happy I started using them 2 years ago! An oil really helps to hydrate and balance my oily skin. If it’s a light one, I follow with a moisturizer, if it’s thicker, I may stop at this stage. The oil pictured above was a 10ml sample of Honest Beauty Balancing Facial Oil and I really enjoyed it! Light, yet nourishing, it’s one that I will 100% go back to.

I use the same eye cream as in the morning, and then follow with a night cream to “seal the deal”. This lavender one is from Biolaven – Sylveco’s sister brand. It’s a big hit in Poland and I can see why. It’s very nourishing, without being too heavy, has very clean ingredients and again – very affordable. There’s a bit of lavender oil, but the scent is very mild, and it didn’t irritate my skin. I had a sample of the day cream version of it and it was equally gorgeous, so I’ll certainly be coming back to these. Oh, and my husband liked it very much too! So it finished quickly…. (and he has dry skin)

If it’s a no makeup day (and I have such once a week at least) I use my morning cleanser in the evening or a gel cleanser. Also – in the morning routine of such a day, I often acid tone and use some treatments.

Now you have an overview of my system, that I’ll be referring to in future when reviewing products. I try a lot of things (I’m a sucker for samples), so my routine is rarely identical for more than a few days. I like to switch things up, according to my skin needs and always have some products in rotation. When I introduce a new one, though, it’s always one at a time. I will wait at least a few days before trying another new product.

Hope you enjoyed that, and if you have any questions, please leave them below. Any suggestions of your hero products are also welcome 🙂

(* – indicates product sent for consideration. All opinions are my own)


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