Being Content Giveaway Haul and the reasoning behind my choices

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So, finally I got lucky and won a dream giveaway – one by Being Content. Thought you might be interested what I’ve chosen and why šŸ™‚

And really, it was a tough struggle. There’s plenty of wonderful stuff in the shop, but there were several factors influencing my decision.

First of all – I already have a stash of products to use. And I don’t like wasting things. Natural products have shorter shelf life, especially after opening. I don’t think it would be reasonable to get things only to have them go unused and wasted. Reasonable choices will be a common theme here šŸ˜‰

The fact is that majority of my stash is on the affordable side, so it’s awesome to have an opportunity to try some of the high end brands. Still, I wanted to choose the somewhat reasonably priced, and not the crazy expensive, as I wanted to be able to repurchase, when I fall in love with something.

I prioritised new stuff/brands over backups. And definitely wanted some discovery/travel sets. They allow to try more from each brand and I just love minis:) They are great before committing to full sizes and I wish more brands would offer them. I regret May Lindstrom doesn’t have any. Just after finding out I’ve won the giveaway, I was certain I’m going to choose something from her range, I’ve heard so much about it. But again, my reasonable voice have won. What if my sensitive skin reacts to some ingredient? I thought I’d better try the samples next time I shop at Content and then decide.

I gotĀ Tata Harper discovery kit. This was an obvious choice. Caroline Hirons and many others have raved about her range, so it had to happen.


As well asĀ Dr Alkaitis travel kit. Another no brainer. Such a great value for money. I love the story behind the brand and their philosophy. I’ve had samples of the oil and soothing gel and enjoyed them, so I look forward to using this.


Third kit came from theĀ Grown Alchemist. I’m curious to discover this brand. The sleek packaging is up my street and the watermelon&vanilla lip balm sounds heavenly.


Before I go further, I think it’s also worth mentioning that I was excluding many categories of products, for the most part.

Haircare – I have plenty to go through, and also haircare doesn’t excite me that much. If I were to choose something tough, it would beĀ John Masters Organics, because I loved the samples I tried in the past. Or –Ā Less is MoreĀ – Content has some nice minis and sets.

Bodycare – I have enough shower stuff to last me till next year. And I also don’t use body lotions etc. on a daily basis. I don’t have to, so I simply forget, or don’t have time. However, theĀ Wild Medicine soapsĀ have caught my eye, so I may give them a go one day. Also – I’ve actually shortlistedĀ Therapie bath salts. I know they smell divine like the Aura Spray I already own. Only at the very end I started to think more reasonably. First – I don’t have a bathtub and only use it when I go to my mum’s. Second – I already have a few things to take with me to use, so considering I only go home 2-3 times a year, I have more that enough for a loooong time.

Lip balms/treatments and face masks – I really have too many…

Moisturizers – Firstly, because I have enough to last me a year or so. Secondly, because I don’t think you need to spent a lot on a moisturizer. If you can and want, by all means do, but I know there are great natural, affordable moisturizers out there, and I prefer to invest in cleansers or serums. But if I were to choose, then there’s one which samples have wowed me with smell, texture and performance and it’s byĀ Oskia.

Makeup – This exclusion wasn’t radical and I did go through the makeup section on the Content website. But although I’d love to have more green stuff in my bag, I just have too much for now. None of the lip products’ colours stood out to me. And I will be interested in switching to clean foundation, but again – samples first are a must.

I really wanted the supplements to be a big part of my haul. I was sure these will not go to waste. As I have a hectic time at the moment, adding some more to my daily intake seemed like a good idea. I might actually even share with my husband šŸ˜‰ I got the TerranovaĀ Living Multinutrient ComplexĀ (2 jars) andĀ Beauty ComplexĀ (2 jars). I already had one of these in the past and I really like the brand’s philosophy.






Next I got a product that Ā I really wanted to try – Ā theĀ NOURISH Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating CleanserĀ  – especially afterĀ GalinaĀ recommended it to me. Looking at the ingredients, I think it might be a very interesting product.





_NIK8982After the Glow Getter Gathering, I really wanted to try something from Therapi. I had a great conversation with the founder there. I’ve been given the face cream in the goodie bag, but I thought it’s more suited towards dry skin, and not my oily one, so I’ve given it away. But the cleansers look very interesting! I love trying new cleansers, so I decided to give theĀ Rose Otto Honey Gel CleanserĀ a try šŸ™‚



_NIK8984I also got intrigued by this completely new to me brand – Twelve Beauty. TheĀ Ultra Revitalising ElixirĀ have caught my eye. And I was very happy with my choice after reading that theĀ founder – Pedro – isn’t just passionate about skincare, he is a highly qualified cosmetologist and pharmacist, having studied pharmacy and botany, before a Masterā€™s degree in the Science and Technology of Cosmetics. Impressive, right?


So here are all my choices, apart from the bar of chocolate that hadn’t survived until the time of taking photos šŸ˜‰

What do you think? What else would you choose? Let me know in the comments. I kept in my mind while choosing that it’s not my last time picking something up from Content. I’m definitely eyeing more stuff šŸ˜‰


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