Happy New Year everyone!

Seeing so many end-of-year/beginning-of-new-year posts in my Bloglovin’ newsfeed I felt like writing a few of my own thoughts on this sunny (in Poland) New Year’s day.

2015 was a very exciting year for me. I have discovered many great brands, like Aurelia, Antipodes, MOA….. But moreover – I got to meet some wonderful, passionate people, and – started this blog 🙂

I’m still at the beginning of my blogging journey and hope it’s going to develop in 2016. Last year, many times life took over, and I had to focus on my end of term assignments at university or on my family. I hope this year I’m going to be better at my time management as I have many things to write about! Although my primary reason to start this and my other blog was to train my writing (English is my second language), it’s also so exciting to share the love or experiences with other people. I enjoy reading many blogs too 🙂

As mentioned, I’ve met some inspiring people last year. At the trade shows and the Glow-Getter Gathering I got to see amazing skincare creators and the girls whose blogs I’d been reading. Tough a bit surreal, it was very exciting and motivating and I cannot wait for more this year. I really enjoy skincare and discovering new products, but meeting people has been and will always be my greatest passion in life. If my blog enables/accelerates that, 2016 – bring it on! 😀



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