Why I use organic products?

Thought I will put it out there why I choose organic/natural products. I don’t use them exclusively, but they are a good majority – probably around 70% – 80% of everything I own and buy.

  1. I always loved nature and plants in particular. Herbal remedies always worked great for me. And so it also always made sense to me to incorporate this power of plants into my skincare.

    Thought I will add this fun photo of me to this one!
    Thought I will add this fun photo of me to this one!
  2. Organic brands are almost always cruelty-free.
  3. Their ingredients are usually sustainably sourced and fair-traded
  4. And they list them on their websites.
  5. Packaging is usually recyclable or biodegradable and made from recycling too.
  6. Contrary to what many people think or claim, they work significantly better. At least for me. When they are well chosen.
  7. The ”high science” brands like Deciem or Indeed Labs just don’t excite me even half as much as brands like Aurelia, Antipodes, Tata Harper, Dr Hauschka, Dr Alkaitis, Jourlique, Juice Beauty, Herbfarmacy and others excite me. Really.

What are your reasons? 🙂


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