Useful resources, or – where do I find information on ingredients?

I hope this compilation will be useful for many of you out there šŸ™‚

Natural Ingredient Resource Center

European Commission database

FDA information on ingredients

Cosmetic Ingredient Review


You might wonder why haven’t I put the EWG Skin Deep here. Well, I think such database is a brilliant idea, but having done some more research I got to know what a shady organisation the EWG is….. First I’ve read theseĀ twoĀ articles… Then there wasĀ THIS. You should also readĀ THAT. And there isĀ MORE, andĀ MORE, andĀ MORE, andĀ MORE, andĀ MORE, andĀ MORE, andĀ MORE…. You should really read it all, although I’m not sure if it’s a recipe for an enjoyable evening…. Still, I believe it’s always better to be informed.

Leaving you with this food for thought šŸ™‚ Till next time!


2 thoughts on “Useful resources, or – where do I find information on ingredients?

  1. After publishing this post I came across even more disturbing facts. If you care about small botanical brands and want to support them, you can’t support EWG and it’s campaign for the Safe Cosmetics Act at the same time.
    Moreover, if you are against animal testing, you should also be alarmed by that:


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