”Love Natural Love Organic” and ”Natural & Organic Products Europe”

I visited both of the shows this year and wanted to share some thoughts. Maybe it will be interesting for you if you’ve been to only one of them and are wondering if to attend the other next year.


First important thing to note is that N&OPE is a trade only event. But you won’t have any problems with getting there if you are somewhat connected to the industry/topics as a professional, or if you are a blogger/journalist. LNLO is open for all, which is obviously great, but on the other hand the ”density” of the crowd at Olympia was unbearable at times. N&OPE has moved from Olympia to Excel this year, and that was a smart choice. I won’t give you numbers, but there were many more exhibitors, and generally much more space and stands were bigger and so on 🙂

Both shows had established as well as up and coming brands for you to discover. Suprisingly, there were some known brands present at N&OPE that didn’t exhibit at LNLO, like John Masters Organics, Faith in Nature, Lavera, Balance me, Urban Veda…. But of course some brands appeared only at LNLO, so I can tell you already that it’s best to go to both events 😉

There were some great offers on purchases from many exhibitors at LNLO. The offers at N&OPE were for the retailers of course. One couldn’t really buy any individual items. But then – there were many samples available, and some brands were particularly generous with them. And understandably. I generally try to get a sample before I buy something for myself, but if I had my business, I would totally have to try anything and everything before stocking it. (I think I will devote a separate post to my thoughts on samples soon)

Of course both shows were great opportunities for learning (from presentations/workshops, as well as just meeting people behind the brands) and networking. LNLO was awesome for me in particular, as I got to meet like-minded girls and bloggers I’ve been following for a while. – Sarah and Rachel 😉

What were your experiences? Will you be visiting these shows next year?


One thought on “”Love Natural Love Organic” and ”Natural & Organic Products Europe”

  1. I didn’t go to LNLO last year, but all the blog posts I’ve seen have made me really keen to go this year! The only thing that makes me slightly hesitant is that I’m not very good with crowds. x


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